Islam prepares Western takeover from inside!

18,August, 2006 at 7:07 pm | Posted in Islam, Muslim Domination, sharia law, Western traitors | Leave a comment

I am at a loss as to express my deep deep anger and distress that I feel,from reading a website so blinkered to the truth,and so adamant that WE the WEST are F**ked.

The website is Islam,a flag waving jihad buster of a site which reads like it belongs in an alternate universe,with bare faced Western traitors pissing all over their birth culture, and their family history all in one.

I see this sort of traitor often,beautiful kids poisoned by Islam, prostituting themselves in clothes totally alien to their own culture,I feel so sorry for them,but what can you do,a nice blonde girl,who,anywhere else would be in jeans and t-shirt,covered head to toe in black.

To look at them they appear in fancy dress,because it is SO WRONG,but it’s not!!!,that is what they are wearing FOR REAL.

I feel like we need to rescue these poor child victims,and have them adopted by loving Western parents,but the Muslim brainwashing is hard to remove.

Islam is a plague of unprecedented danger to the West,and in particular to England,where our entire lives revolve around what everybody else wants.


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