Mad Muslim wants to destroy free speech

19,August, 2006 at 6:57 pm | Posted in Free Speech & Civil Liberties, Islam, Muslim Domination, sharia law | Leave a comment

More bilge,from the arse of a Muslim now,in the shape of Egypt’s top Sunni Muslim cleric, Grand Sheikh Mohamed Sayed Tantawi.

This madman clearly doesn’t like free speech,as he says he wants

“the editor of Jyllands-Posten, the Danish daily that published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, to be imprisoned and for his newspaper to be closed down”.

Talk about vailed threat to the Human and Civil Rights of Western Countries,this is not Saudi Arabia or somewhere,your crap won’t wash here.

He goes on to say

“In addition, one should forbid the paper from being published for a number of years,”


Check out the link to Wikipedia for the low down on the cartoon crisis

In the West we have rights to freedom of the press,free speech,GET OVER IT,what you should be doing,instead of getting your RPG’s and AK 47 ready to go,perhaps helping to catch terrorists might be an idea?.


I am utterly amazed that kind of dross actually gets reported,the guy clearly talks out of his arse.

And just so you can get a flavour of how insane Muslims torching the World over cartoons is,watch YAAFM 12

strong language is used

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