Laughing when Christian is not allowed

25,August, 2006 at 4:54 pm | Posted in Australia, Christianity, Free Speech & Civil Liberties, fun/humour, Islam, Muslim Domination, Terrorism | Leave a comment

When I just read this item,the utter stupidity of it made me assume it was in England,BUT NO,on further reading this bout of silliness is from Australia.

In 2005,two Christian pastors,in Victoria State were found guilty of vilifying Muslims.


By reading the TRUTH from the Koran!!!

VCAT’s Justice Michael Higgins in December ruled that Daniel Scot in particular had broken the Government’s vilification laws by quoting the Koran in a way that got “a response from the audience at various times in the form of laughter“.

Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah were ordered by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal in December to place full-page advertisements in the papers admitting they had said allegedly bad things about Islam.

In his judgment, Higgins listed 13 examples of how Scot had “made fun of Muslim beliefs and conduct”.

at least eight of them involve Scot quoting directly from the Koran, and quoting it accurately.

It’s true, the Koran does indeed say men may “beat” their wives. It does indeed urge believers to “kill disbelievers where you find them“. It really does call for thieves to have a hand chopped off.

I don’t know about you,but I think the Koran is a comic from front to back, and is best used for tomorrows chip paper.

After Australia made such a big stand against the Muslim f**k heads,I’m amazed they allowed this situation to continue,it is a comic farce,and the two Pastors should be getting an apology and a pat on the back not appear in court.

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